FULL LIST: Candidates for 2019 Municipal Elections

Here are all candidates who are on the ballot on November 5:

  • Centerville City Council
    • Post 3
      • J. Michael Evans (incumbent)
      • Susan Lemme
    • Post 4
      • Edward Armijo (incumbent)
      • Phillip Collins
  • Perry City Council
    • District 1, Post 2
      • Willie King
    • District 2, Post 2
      • John “Jack” James
      • Jimmy McLeod
      • Gary Moulliet
      • Joy Peterson
    • District 3 Post 1 (to complete Randall Walker’s term)
      • Darrell Albritton
    • District 3, Post 2
      • Riley Hunt
  • Warner Robins City Council
    • At-Large Post 2
      • Stephen Baughier
      • Charles “Charlie” Bibb
      • Eric Langston
    • Post 4
      • Kevin Lashley
      • Tim Thomas (incumbent)
    • Post 6
      • Miranda Britt
      • Larry D. Curtis Jr. (incumbent)
      • Jonathan D. Nichols

John Williams has withdrawn from his race for Warner Robins Post 4. Zachary Adam Collins has been disqualified from running for Warner Robins At-Large Post 2 due to falling short of residency requirements. And Centerville’s mayor is not up for election this year. 

Voter registration for the November 5 election ends October 7, 2019. Absentee voting runs from October 15 to November 1

All of these races are nonpartisan, but we ask all Houston County Democrats to not hesitate in asking these candidates about their policies before we go to the polls. What are their stances on infrastructure? Housing? Utilities? Criminal justice? Economic development? Renewable energy? Civil rights?

Cast your vote based on whether they will make Houston County a truly *progressive* county to live in.

Voter registration for the November 5 election ends October 7, 2019. Absentee voting runs from October 15 to November 1

Our statement on Tuesday’s results

The Houston County Democratic Party thanks all who voted in the May 20, 2014 primary election. Our democratic republic would not work without those who are willing to make their voices heard, and our party seeks to empower the democratic process for all U.S. citizens. Thank you, first and foremost, for your confidence in our party’s goals.

Second, we thank all qualifying candidates who participated in the primary on the Democratic ballot in Houston County. No matter what offices you aspired toward in your candidacy, no matter how you fared in our party’s primary, each of you articulated your visions for what Georgia can become for its citizens. Thank you for your hard work in the past several months and we wish all of you the best in your endeavors.

Third, we would like to thank all the Democratic Party activists who worked to make this primary election a success, both in Houston County and throughout Georgia. You play a vital role in our party’s ability to function, and we are more empowered by your presences. Please continue to lend your valuable talents to our cause, and you will be among the millions of Middle Georgians who will gain from the fruits of a functioning, inclusive and progressive government at all levels.

We will now announce our party’s nomination of candidates for office at both statewide and county levels, as well as voters’ responses to ballot questions, as tabulated by ClarityElections.com and endorsed by the Houston County Board of Elections.


  • GOVERNOR: State Sen. Jason Carter
  • U.S. SENATE: M. Michelle Nunn
  • SECRETARY OF STATE: Doreen Carter
  • Public Service Commission, District 4 – Northern: Daniel A. Blackman
  • STATE SENATE DISTRICT 20 (covering most of Houston and all of Pulaski, Bleckley and Laurens): Sheikh M. “Chad” Rahman
  • STATE SENATE DISTRICT 26 (covering Northeast Houston County): David Lucas
  • STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 144 (covering): Joyce E. Denson


All four statewide questions have been endorsed resoundingly by voters on the Democratic ballot:

  • Should Georgia raise the state minimum wage above the current $5.15 an hour?
    Yes: 295,774, 94.5%
    No: 17,077, 5.5%
    155 of 159 counties reporting
  • Should Georgians’ federal tax dollars be returned to Georgia to fund Medicaid expansion and relieve the indigent care burden on our hospitals
    Yes: 267,884, 87.6%
    No: 37,764, 12.4%
    155 of 159 counties reporting
  • Should the Constitution of Georgia be amended to create an independent ethics commission, not tied to the Governor’s office, legislature, or other elected office, to more effectively police potential ethics violations by elected officials?
    Yes: 249,640, 84.0%
    No: 47,427, 16.0%
    155 of 159 counties reporting
  • Should the Constitution of Georgia be amended to make the education budget Georgia’s first funding priority?
    Yes: 257,651, 85.5%
    No: 43,605, 14.5%
    155 of 159 counties reporting


Our county-specific ballot questions were also resoundingly endorsed by Houston County Democratic voters:

  • Should the Georgia Legislature vote to approve Medicaid Expansion in Georgia under the provisions established in the Affordable Care Act?
    YES: 3,114, 91.19%
    NO: 301, 8.81%
  • Should the Georgia Legislature repeal the GA Stand Your Ground Law (O.C.G.A. 16-3-23.1) and return to the settled common law on self-defense?
    YES: 2,845, 83.50%
    NO: 562, 16.50%
  • If the Georgia Legislature elects not to repeal the GA Stand Your Ground Law (O.C.G.A. 16-3-23.1), should the Legislature amend the current law to remove ambiguity and restore the duty to retreat outside of one’s home or place of business?
    YES: 2,653, 80.18%
    NO: 656, 19.82%

Based on these results, we can conclude that a large portion of Houston County residents have endorsed the platform, candidacies and ideals of the Democratic Party. It is our sincerest hope that progressive voters throughout the county turn out the support for our nominated candidates and questions at the general election on November 4, 2014. We will keep the public informed regarding further developments in the days and months ahead.

Once again, we would like to thank all voters, party activists and candidates who made their voices heard, their talents impressed, and their ideals known before Houston County and the state of Georgia this primary election season. Let’s press forward to a better Georgia!