City and County Officials

Houston County Commissioners

Tommy Stalnaker, Chairman, Houston County Board of Commissioners, Post 1

H. Jay Walker, III, Houston County Commissioner, Post 2

Gail Robinson, Houston County Commissioner, Post 3

Larry Thomson, Houston County Commissioner, Post 4

Tom McMichael, Houston County Commissioner, Post 5

City of Warner Robins

Chuck Shaheen, Mayor

Warner Robins City Council

Mike Daley, Post 1

Carolyn Robbins, Post 2

Paul Shealy, Post 3

Mike Brashear, Post 4

Daron Lee, Post 5

Mike Davis, Post 6

City of Perry

James E. Faircloth, Jr., Mayor

Perry City Council

Phyllis Bynum-Grace, District 1, Post 1

Willie King, District 1, Post 2

Joe Posey, District 2, Post 1

William Jackson, District 2, Post 2

Randall Walker, District 3, Post 1

Riley Hunt, District 3, Post 2

City of Centerville

John R. Harley, Mayor

Centerville City Council

Cameron Andrews, Post 1

Randall Wright, Post 2

Edward R. Tucker, Post 3

Jonathan D. Nichols, Post 4

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